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Rent a Moto

When renting a scooter, you will discover the best way to know the Algarve region. Look at the landscape, feel the smells, meet nice people and savor our food. Get ready to live unforgettable moments with the help of Sunride Rent-a-moto!

Discover a different beach every day!

With a Sunride scooter you will find wonderful places by the sea.

If you like the countryside, the Barrocal and the all Algarve mountains are waiting for you! Good roads take you to unforgettable landscapes and always with friendly people available to receive you.

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Scooter Lessons

Thinking of buying a 125cc scooter?
Do you have a driving license (cat.B) and need some driving tips?

Want to learn or relearn how to drive a 125cc scooter? Driving Schools do not provide this service?
Speak with us!!

Rent a scooter with us and we give the tips! In our opinion, anyone with a driving license (cat.B) who knows how to ride a bicycle is able to drive a 125cc scooter.

Service available from October to May

Price: 40€/hour
(includes insurance, helmet and gloves)

Motorcycle  Rides

Coming soon!

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